Using Advance 

Using Advance

Advance is a secure web-based and policy-compliant application that provides faculty, academics, and academic personnel administrators with academic profile information, as well as online tools designed to manage the academic review and academic leave processes. The following are PDF guides and short "How to" documents to help in learning how to use Advance.

User Guides
     • Faculty Tutorial
     • Chair Tutorial
     • AP Generalist Tutorial

          - How to use the Auto Reminder for Reference Requests

     • My CV Quick Start Guide
     • Guidelines (help text for each section)
     • CV Template
     •  How To Use My CV
          - Navigation
          - Initial Import
          - Refining Import
          - Adding PubMed Items
          - Editing
          - Generate UCSF CV
       • Custom CV

       • Generate NIH Biosketch

My Packet
     • How to Prepare Your Packet
     • How to Add a CV to Your Packet
     • How to Add Referees to Your Packet
     • How to Add Attachments to Your Packet

For Review
     • How to Review Packets
     • How to Vote
     • How to Create the Chair Letter

Webinar Videos

To access Advance you must login through MyAccess. Advance does NOT function well when using VPN, so do not use VPN when intending to work in the Advance application.
Go to MyAccess (https://myaccess.ucsf.edu). MyAccess is a self-service system. If you already have credentials, login and click on the Advance link on the left to start the Advance application. If you do not have credentials, click on the Get MyAccess link on the left of the MyAccess login page; follow instructions to get MyAccess credentials. If necessary, call the Help Desk at 514-4100, Option 2.

Advance works best with the Chrome and Firefox browsers. If you experience a problem with any browser, before contacting support (advanceproject@ucsf.edu), please make sure you are NOT using VPN, and try a different browser.