The Office of the Vice Provost, Academic Affairs and Faculty Development facilitates the recruitment, development, mentoring and retention of the highest-caliber diverse faculty. We provide leadership, training, and guidance in the development and implementation of policies and procedures relating to academic personnel. We are committed to improving the work life and academic environment for faculty to support innovative and collaborative approaches for education, research and health care at UCSF.

The CCFL is charged with advising the Chancellor and developing initiatives to address the recommendations from the Task Force on Faculty Life, including furthering efforts and cooperation across the campus to improve all aspects of faculty life at UCSF.

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The Office of Academic Personnel is a part of the Office of Academic Affairs. The mission of the Office of Academic Personnel is to facilitate the recruitment, advancement and development of a diversified academic workforce of the highest caliber. This section offers substantial information about the academic personnel process at UCSF.

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Special Initiatives

The Office of the Vice Provost, Academic Affairs has developed special initiatives to support and enhance the work life and academic environment for faculty.

Faculty Climate Task Force
Faculty Family-Friendly Initiative (3FI)
Faculty Salary Equity Review (FSER)
Faculty Exit Surveys

Important information including resources on policies, grants, compliance, academic calendars, curricula, electronic resources, staff resources, licensing, and leadership development.

Resources for Researchers
Resources for Educators
Resources for Clinicians
Resources for Leaders
Resources for Families

Academic information systems support academics and staff across the campus by providing online personnel tools.

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