Faculty Mentoring Program

Mentees Carolyn S. Calfee, MD (far left) and Kathleen D. Liu, MD, PhD (far right)
with their mentor, Michael Matthay, MD (center), recipient of the
2013 Lifetime Achievement in Mentoring Award.


Welcome to the Six Words Project

Your mentor. Your gratitude. In six words.

About this project:
For six weeks ending on November 15, 2013,  the Faculty Mentoring Program solicited six-word tributes to honor faculty mentors.  All submissions are posted on this website with a few chosen to usher in National Mentoring Month, January 2014.

We asked faculty to think about a mentor (past or present) who has had a positive impact on their lives at UCSF.  How would they distill any lessons learned, words of wisdom or qualities admired about their mentor into only six words?  View the responses below.

Take a moment and scroll through. Share with colleagues.   Enjoy!

Mentors: John Featherstone, PhD; Peggy Walsh, EdD; Sally Marshall PhD; Barbara Gerbert, PhD; and Jane Weintraub, DDS, MPH

“Two lasting gifts: roots and wings”

-Mentee: Stuart Gansky, MS, DrPH


Mentor: Jens Krombach, MD

“Approachable, Available, Caring, Fun, Passionate, Positive”

-Mentee: Marc Steurer, MD

Mentor: Michael Callaham, MD

“Generous, wise; delights in success of others.”

-Mentee: Ellen Weber, MD


Mentor: Robert Farese, Jr., MD

“Be Logical, Dig Deep, Communicate Well”

-Mentee: Suneil Koliwad, MD

Mentor: Michael Aminoff, MD, Dsc

“My mentor: teacher, therapist, friend, advocate”

-Mentee: Cathy Lomen-Hoerth, MD, PhD


Mentor: Anil Sapru, MD

“Vision, patience, ambition, connections, experience, perspective”

-Mentee: Matt Zinter, MD

Mentor: Dean Schillinger, MD

“Inspiring, Creative, Bright, Thoughtful, Wonderful, Pragmatic”

-Mentee: Christina Mangurian, MD


Mentor: Bruce Hasegawa, PhD (Deceased)

“A moral leader and thought leader.”

-Mentee: Thomas Lang, PhD

Mentor: Sunita Mutha, MD

“Today's a great day to learn from my mistakes.

-Mentee: Mai-Khanh Bui-Duy, MD


Mentor: John Featherstone, PhD

“Leading, Living, and Learning with Panache”

-Mentee: Anonymous

Mentor: Judith Hellman, MD

“Supportive, nurturing, encouraging, kind, hardworking, caring”

-Mentee: Arun Prakash, MD, PhD


Mentor: Anonymous

“Grumpy, sarcastic. Insightful and always there”

-Mentee: Dominic Montagu, MD

Mentor: Anonymous

“Papers are more fun than grants”

-Mentee: Suneil Koliwad, MD


Mentor: J. Terry Ernest, MD, PhD

“Thanks for nurturing my inner superhero”

-Mentee: Saras Ramanathan, MD

Mentor: Jeff Fineman, MD

“Jeff shepherds, challenges, genuinely cares for mentees.”

-Mentee: Rebecca Johnson, MD


Mentor: E. Donnall Thomas, MD

“You showed me what could be”

-Mentee: Jeffrey Wolf, MD

Mentor: Ronald Miller, MD

“Always available, but left me alone”

-Mentee: Martin Bogetz, MD


Mentor: Deborah Grady, MD

“Daily you inspire, Please don’t retire!”

-Mentee: Vanessa Jacoby, MD

Mentor: Anonymous

“S*** my mentor said. Thanks, George.”

-Mentee: Dominic Montagu, MD


Mentor: Bruce Miller, MD

“He believes in me. Unconditionally. Wow.”

-Mentee: Anonymous

Mentor: Jane Anderson, MD

“Food, fun, facts, feedback.  Her teaching.”

-Mentee: Naomi Bardach, MD


Mentor: Jeff Fineman, MD

“Makes my professional dreams come true”

-Mentee: Martina Steurer, MD

Mentor: Patricia Arean, PhD

“She secures my rope. I climb.”

-Mentee: Elizabeth Horevitz, PhD


Mentor: Dean Sheppard, MD

“Dedicated, Inspiring, Hardworking, Balanced, Firm, Supportive”

-Mentee: Esteban Burchard, MD, MPH

Mentor: Gordon Williams, MD

“Visionary, generous, ambitious, clear-thinking, ethical, collegial”

-Mentee: Dolores  Shoback, MD


Mentor: Susan Folkman, PhD

“Generous, accomplished, grounded, encouraging, caring, and exceptional”

-Mentee: Mallory Johnson, PhD

Mentor: Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD

“Always helpful advice navigating career challenges”

-Mentee: Kirby Lee, PharmD


Mentor: Michael Winter, PharmD

“The 'Holy Ghost' of my Academic Trinity”

-Mentee: Robin Corelli, PharmD

Mentor: Karen  Hauer, MD

“Supports my professional growth. Inspires me”

-Mentee: Sandra Oza, MD


Mentor: Andrew Bindman, MD

“Brilliant; Resourceful; A Friend; Networks; Caring; Brave; Inspirational”

-Mentee: Dean Schillinger, MD

Mentor: Brian Alldredge, PharmD

“A colleague, friend, and advocate”

-Mentee: Kirby Lee, PharmD


Mentor: Kathy Giacomini, PhD

“Dedicated, Inspiring, Hardworking, Balanced, Firm, Supportive”

-Mentee: Esteban Burchard, MD, MPH

Mentor: Mike Steinman, MD

“Led by example professionally and personally”

-Mentee: Kirby Lee, PharmD


Mentor: Kevin McGirr, MS, MPH

“Words Explain What Your Life Teaches”

-Mentee: Deborah Johnson, MSN,RN

Mentor: Lisa Bero, PhD

“My best personal cheering squad!”

-Mentee: Kirby Lee, PharmD


Mentor: Tanja Kortemme, PharmD

“Keeps me focused on mentorship and science!”

-Mentee: James Fraser,PhD

Mentor: Errol Lobo, MD, PhD

“Wise, Intelligent, Honest, Supportive, Energetic, Expert”

-Mentee: Ahmed Shalabi, MD


Mentor: Patricia Arean, PhD

"Understanding, Thoughtful, Pragmatic, Funny, Open, Kind"

-Mentee: Christina Mangurian, MD

Mentor: Jeff Fineman, MD

“I am here for you", always”

-Mentee: Sandrijn van Schaik, MD, PhD


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