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Ask a Mentor: SOM Travel Award

Mitchell D. Feldman

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I an Assistant Professor in the SOM and want to attend an upcoming professional meeting to present an abstract. My dilemma is that I am the main caregiver for my 4 year old son and am not sure how I can juggle the child care costs with travel to the meeting. Do you have any suggestions?

- SK, Assistant Professor, SOM


Dear SK:

This is an excellent question; and a challenge that many faculty members often face. I am glad to tell you that there is an outstanding program sponsored by the School of Medicine that offers financial assistance to faculty who have significant child, elder or other dependent care responsibilities that are interfering with their ability to travel and present at national meetings. This program offers awards of up to $2,000 to offset dependent care expenses such as child care for your son. Preference is given to faculty who are presenting at the meeting, but applications are also accepted from other faculty if the meeting offers important networking or other professional development opportunities. Note that the award must be granted in advance of travel. Please see http://medschool.ucsf.edu/academicaffairs/faculty/travel_award.aspx for more details on this SOM Travel Award.

Jeanette S. Brown, MD
Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences
Epidemiology & Biostatistics