Mitchell D. Feldman
Mitchell D. Feldman

Mentorship in the academic health sciences has an important influence on academic productivity, personal development and career guidance.  Mentoring has been defined as a “dynamic, reciprocal relationship in a work environment between an advanced career incumbent and a beginner aimed at promoting the development of both.”   It is also a personal process that combines role modeling, apprenticeship and nurturing. 

Responding to the results from the Faculty Climate Survey, the UCSF Faculty Mentoring Program was established in 2006 with the goals of supporting the recruitment and retention of the highest quality faculty, increasing faculty diversity through improved mentoring of under-represented faculty and improving faculty career satisfaction and success. Mitchell D. Feldman, MD, MPhil was appointed to the position of Associate Vice Provost, Faculty Mentoring, and is working closely with the Chancellor’s Council on Faculty Life to establish and oversee a mentoring program for all UCSF faculty, across all schools. The program aims to support faculty in their pursuit of a successful and satisfying career at UCSF.  Our vision is for the UCSF faculty mentoring program to become the national center of excellence for mentoring in the academic health sciences.

Mentoring facilitators have been appointed in each Department/Division or Organized Research Unit (ORU) to work with the Director of Faculty Mentoring to oversee all aspects of the mentoring program. New and junior faculty in the Schools of Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medicine and Nursing with appointments of more than 50% are eligible to participate in the mentoring program. All eligible faculty are paired with ‘career’ mentors, senior faculty responsible for providing career guidance and support. Career mentoring meetings should take place at least twice yearly and the mentee is expected to send their mentor an updated CV and Individual Development Plan (IDP) prior to each meeting. A robust evaluation of the program is ongoing and mentoring awards have been established. A curriculum is being developed to improve mentor and mentee skills and knowledge. Faculty mentoring activities must be documented on the CV and are part of the core criteria when faculty are reviewed for promotion at UCSF.


  • Assist faculty with career advancement
  • Improve faculty recruitment and retention
  • Increase diversity of faculty and the University
  • Increase faculty satisfaction at UCSF
  • Improve productivity and career satisfaction for all faculty
  • Become a national center of excellence in faculty mentoring