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Subject: AP Recruit used for Academic Searches beginning July 1, 2013

Dear Colleagues:

Academic recruitment has long been a paper-intensive process, placing administrative burdens on both faculty and staff. On July 1, 2013, UCSF will deploy a web-based tool called AP Recruit to facilitate the academic hiring process and to facilitate compliance with federal and state affirmative action/equal opportunity regulations.

AP Recruit is a system-wide initiative that was developed by UC Irvine in 2006 and which is now in use at all UC campuses. At its core, the system will create a standard paperless process for all academic searches. While it will not yet replace the Academic Recruitment Plan (ARP) and Search Process Report (SPR) process, web-based versions of those features are in development for implementation in the coming academic year. Some of the major features of AP Recruit include:

        • Search committees and support staff can quickly review and manage applications online
        •  Applicants can manage and monitor their application process
        • Referees can log in and securely upload their letters of reference (as required)
        • Data on academic recruitments will be reported to UCOP via AP Recruit rather than manually collecting information from Departments

As of July 1, 2013 all new academic searches must be managed via AP Recruit. Staff in the VPAA’s office will provide just-in-time training for all search committee chairs and search support staff for each recruitment that is initiated on July 1, 2013 or later. In addition to in-person orientations for search committee chairs and staff, my office also has prepared quick guides and help tools, as well as new ARP and SPR forms to facilitate the transition to the new system.

More information about AP Recruit will be forthcoming on the Academic Affairs Website (

I invite your feedback and questions at Thank you for your continued support of these academic initiatives.


Sally J. Marshall, PhD
Vice Provost, Academic Affairs

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