Advance CV: Overview of changes 

Overview of Changes to the Advance CV

Released February 28, 2016

The Advance CV was modified based on feedback from faculty. A CV Workgroup recommended the following changes after review of the CV format and My CV functionality in Advance.

  1. Modifications to the My CV format
    • New header sections
      • Clinical Services – to record Direct Patient Care activities
      • Service at other Universities
      • Educator Portfolio – to document educational scholarship in the following areas:
        • Direct Teaching
        • Direct Mentoring
        • Curriculum Development
        • Educational Leadership
        • Learner Assessment
      • Academic Leadership
    • New Major Sections
      • Clinical Activities, including:
        • Clinical Activities Summary
        • Clinical Services – this new section replaces “Clinical” and enables you to list your Clinical Service activities in the same way you list teaching, public service, and creative activities
      • Contributions to Diversity enables you to highlight your contributions that are listed as activities within other sections of the CV (e.g. teaching, research)
    • Sections that have been eliminated
      • Clinical – still visible for copy/paste into Clinical Services
      • Postgraduate and Other Courses – copied into Formal Teaching
      • Teaching and Mentoring Aids – copied into Other Creative Activities
      • Other – copied into Other Creative Activities
      • Teaching and Mentoring Awards and Nominations – copied into Honors and Awards
      • Summary of Teaching and Mentoring Hours – eliminated
    • Sections that will no longer be copied into the Packet for review – be sure to review these sections to ensure that anything you have previously listed here that you want a reviewer to see is appropriately listed in another section of the CV
      • General Information
      • Key Words/Areas of Interest
      • CE Courses Attended
  2. Improved functionality includes:
    • Navigational and Informational tools
      • A collapsible Sticky Header that includes tools which follow you as you scroll through the CV
        • Simplifies opening the edit window and saving changes
      • A new Shortcut panel to clarify your location within the CV
        • The Filter at the top will help you zoom in on the section you’re looking for (e.g., type “pub” in the filter to see publication sections and click on one to go there; type “grant” to see the grant sections; etc.)
      • Roll over a section to reveal
        • An information icon (i) that defines what goes in the section
        • An Edit link to open the edit window
    • Editing tools
      • Move your cursor over a section to see and click the Edit link
      • Double click to open the section for editing (most sections)
      • When open for editing, click on a row to edit that row
      • Drag and drop to move items within a section
      • Move your cursor over a row to see the Add Line and Delete Line icons
  3. Changes to how My CV works
    • General Information section is more modifiable
      • Add rows for additional title, email, address, and phone information
    • Save multiple versions of summary sections and select one to display in the CV
    • Teaching Summary allows for the Teaching Narrative or a more in depth description using the Educator Portfolio format
    • Formal Teaching
      • Includes two new fields: “Not UCSF” and School
    • Research Awards includes fields for describing your role, and defining your effort on the grant
    • Publication sections include two changes:
      • Paste and import in plain text
      • New tool to enable Bold/Underline/Italics of a text string (i.e., name)
    • Educator Portfolio to enable those who do scholarly educational activities to record their accomplishments
    • Academic Leadership to enable Chairs and Deans to record their accomplishments