Advance is a secure web-based and policy-compliant application that provides faculty, academics, and academic personnel administrators with academic profile information, as well as online tools designed to manage the academic review and academic leave processes. Click here for a list of major releases in the development of Advance.



EVCP Expresso – July 2019:
Making a Splash: Tracking scholarly activity in the Advance system

Announcement from the VPAA, June 26, 2019
New Functionality In Advance: Identifying Primary Creative/Scholarly Activity


Announcement from the VPAA, September 26, 2016
A new tool has been added to the Advance CV: Custom CV enables faculty to create one or more CVs for use outside of the academic review process.

Training Opportunities
Want to know more about the Advance CV and how to use it? This page includes a schedule of Webinars as well as a link to recorded Webinars designed to get you started..

Using Advance
A page that includes documents and tutorials for learning to use Advance, including how to assign Proxy access to another person, how to work with your Packet, and how to use My CV.


Announcement from the VPAA, February 25, 2016
Enhancements to MyCV in Advance, Implementation February 29, 2016.
The Advance CV was modified based on feedback from faculty. The CV Workgroup recommended these changes after review of the CV format and My CV functionality in Advance.

Overview of the Changes to My CV
Effective February 29, 2016

Transition Guide
Changes to My CV and How they affect me. This page lists the specific changes made to the CV Effective February 29, 2016. If you have not updated your My CV since that date, you should go to the Transition Guide to help you understand what specific CV sections to focus on to prepare you CV for academic review.


Academic Review
All academic appointees at UCSF must be periodically evaluated to assure that they are meeting the requirements for their series and rank. Academic review actions include Appointment, Appraisal, Career Review, Change in Series, Five Year Review, Merit, and Promotion. At UCSF, the academic review process is managed within the Advance Application. Academic appointees - Faculty and non-Faculty Academics (NFAs) – use Advance to manage their Curriculum Vitae (CV) and to compile the documentation required for academic review. Links to instructions for using Advance can be found in the panel on the left.

Academic Leave
Faculty use Advance to request Academic Leave such as Sabbatical and Professional Development Leave. Links to instructions for using Advance can be found in the panel on the left.



Advance segregates administrative access by role, assigned by the Security Administrator.

The Academic Personnel Analyst (APA) role manages the academic review process. This role can create and add documents to packets, invite reviewers to view packets, and route packets to other review levels (Department, Dean’s Office, CAP, VPAA).  This role is expected to ensure that each packet is complete and ready for review before routing to the next level.

Chair, Dean, CAP, and VPAA roles are assigned to appropriate people who have the authority to certify and approve packets.

Other Roles
The Administrator role can view academic records and run reports, but plays no part in the Academic Review process.  This role is typically assigned to department staff who have some responsibility in managing their academic personnel.

The Admin Plus role can perform Administrator functions, but can also view Academic Review packets and can receive packet decision notifications.

The Proxy role can only be assign by a faculty member who has designated this person to work on his/her CV or Packet.