Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program Payback Provision

The full campusFaculty Recruitment Allowance Program Repayment Policy, UCSF Policy Number 300-47, is posted at the policies.ucsf.edu website, and this specific policy may be found here.

Should a faculty member who received funds under the Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program separate from the University, the faculty member must repay a pro-rated amount of the original FRAP payment total (gross, before tax withholdings) to the University.  This amount shall be equal to the original gross amount reduced by 20% for each year of service.  Thus the repayment requirement fully expires at the conclusion of five years.  Schools and departments may set additional, more restrictive conditions as determined by the funding agency.  FRAP payments of $50,000 or less are not subject to the repayment policy. 

Administators may refer to this sample payback agreement (PDF or Word) for new recruits receiving a FRAP payment.

Questions regarding the Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program may be directed to Wilson Hardcastle, 415-476-2016.



















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