Requesting an Allocation Prior to Approval of the Eligible Appointment
- The Every Expectation Letter

Participation in the UC home loan programs requires that faculty candidates hold an appointment in one of the three Academic Senate series: Professor (Ladder Rank), Professor In Residence, or Professor of Clinical X. Faculty with Adjunct or Health Sciences Clinical Professor appointments are not eligible to participate.

In cases of recruitment when faculty have been formally offered an eligible appointment and an appointment packet has been created in Advance, the process of requesting a MOP allocation can be initiated before the appointment is fully approved and finalized. While there is a grace period for candidates to participate in the Program before their eligible appointment is final, there may be repercussions to funding before the final appointment date (regardless of effective date) and so every attempt is made to keep this window as narrow as possible. For this reason, the Appointment or Change in Series packets in Advance must be, at a minimum, complete and certified by the department chair before the UCSF MOP/SHLP Allocation Request Form is submitted to the appropriate dean's office* and ultimately the Office of Academic Affairs.

The Every Expectation Letter

In the case of a recruitment or a change in series where the eligible appointment action is not yet final, the following may be submitted as supporting documentation with the signed MOP/SHLP Allocation Request form:

  1. A copy of the fully executed offer letter inclusive of MOP and/or SHLP support (it is important to use the offer letter generator for this language).
  2. A letter of "every expectation" from the department.

Please note the MOP/SHLP Allocation Request Form needs to be signed by the department chair and the dean (or dean's designate, usually the Associate or Vice Dean of Academic Affairs). The department is responsible for completing this form, affixing the chair's signature, and submitting it to the Dean's Office. The Dean's Office will review the request, affix a signature of approval, and send it to the Home Loan Program Manager. The every expectation letter may be signed by a department representative and addressed to Home Loan Program Manager Wilson Hardcastle. An e-mail form of this letter to Wilson Hardcastle is also acceptable and should be copied to the appropriate person* before submission of the allocaiton request.

Sample language for the every expectation letter:

“Dr. Carol Miller is proposed for appointment as an Assistant Professor In Residence and holder of the Fran Hardcastle Endowed Professorship in the Department of Pediatrics effective July 1, 2015.  Her appointment packet was submitted for academic review/will be submitted for academic review on January 15, 2015.  The Department has every expectation that her appointment will be approved at all levels of review, and that the review will be completed no later than June 30, 2015.”


The "every expectation" date can be your best guess. Your HR Shared Services Generalist may be able to help you with an expected approval date.


* Departments submit the MOP/SHLP Allocation Request Form ("Request for Submission for a Mortgage Origination Program (MOP) Allocation") to the academic dean's office of their school. Once reviewed, the Director of Academic Affairs secures the signature of approval from the academic dean, and the request is then submitted to Home Loan Program Manager Wilson Hardcastle in the Office of the Vice Provost Academic Affairs. The appropriate Directors of Academic Affairs are as follows:

School of Dentistry: Larisa Kure
School of Medicine: Bonnie Johnson
School of Nursing: Diana Koeplin
School of Pharmacy: Diana Koeplin








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