MOP Requests and Interaction with the Service Centers

To increase accuracy and efficiency, representatives in Shared Services are now asked to direct all home loan questions and requests directly to Wilson Hardcastle, Home Loan Program Manager for the campus (, 476-2016).  He will assist the departments in preparing their requests for submission.  This will shorten the time to process and review the request, and remove the burden from the generalists who may not have access to the details necessary for a successful submission.  

In the cases where a department is requesting participation in the home loan program for a candidate whose appointment is not yet complete, the HR generalist may assist the department by providing the anticipated dates for the Every Expectation Letter.  If a candidate is not yet in a MOP-eligible series, the department may submit a request for participation with a letter stating (1) on what date the packet was submitted or will be submitted for review (i.e. certified by the chair); and (2) by what date the department may have ”every expectation” that the appointment will be approved. 

Generalists may use their best judgment to estimate the “every expectation” date (and a best guess is acceptable), and the Office of Academic Affairs offers this in the way of guidance:

• For appointment packets which DO NOT require CAP review, the estimated time between a chair’s certification and final approval can be estimated at 30 days.          

• For appointments which REQUIRE CAP review, the estimated time between a chair’s certification and final approval can be estimated at 14 weeks for new appointments, and 17 weeks for changes in series.  Please be aware that CAP goes on hiatus June, July, and August and packets may be delayed up to three months until they resume their review. 

Regardless if the appointment is not yet complete, all requests regarding the home loan program should be directed to Wilson Hardcastle.  When the time comes to draft the Every Expectation Letter, the department may request guidance from the generalist.  The policy and sample language for the Every Expectation Letter is online at  Home loan program inquiries can be referred to








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