The Mortgage Origination Program (MOP Loans)

 Notes for Pre-Appointees 

It is possible to begin the MOP application process before your appointment is finalized.  However, there are some appointment processes and certifications that need to be completed before an allocation request can be submitted on your behalf.  

The engagement of the offer letter is the first step in the formal academic appointment process. If you have a signed offer letter, the department will request from the Human Resources Service Center that an appointment packet be created for you in Advance, the UCSF electronic appointment and advancement review system.  The appointment process includes review at several levels (department, dean, Acdemic Senate, Vice Provost). If an appointment packet has been created for you in Advance but is not complete and you would like to initiate your participation in the Mortgage Origination Program, these are the steps in the pocess:

1) Inform your department manager or the department representative who has been recruiting you that you would like to initiate a request for participation in the home loan or MOP program. (They should know how to take it from there.  If you encounter any confusion, please refer them to Wilson Hardcastle who will be happy to assist.)

2) ONCE YOUR APPOINTMENT PACKET IS COMPLETE AND CERTIFIED BY THE DEPARTMENT CHAIR, the department can submit a MOP Allocation Request via the dean's office, and with the dean's concurrence they will submit the formal request to the Office of Academic Affairs (Wilson Hardcastle) along with a copy of your offer letter and a letter of every expectation.  As you are not yet in the MOP-eligible position, UCOP (University of California, Office of the President) and the Office of Loan Programs require at a minimum a copy of the signed offer letter and a testimony from the department that they have every expectation that your appointment will be approved and in a timely fashion.  

3) After the Office of Academic Affairs receives the materials from the department and the dean's offices, Wilson Hardcastle will follow up with you with some preliminary questions regarding income, debt obligations, and what you are looking for in a home purchase.  You will not need to provide any supporting documentation at this time.  Using this information and other materials, a qualifying scenario and the necessary certifications can be provided to the Office of Loan Programs (OLP) with a request for an application acitvation.  

4) Once received, OLP will send you a unique and secure link the the iApply system, where you may complete your loan application online.  Be sure to print and sign the disclosure packet and return it to OLP by fax or scan.

5) Once the application is complete, OLP can provide a pre-approval certificate within five business days.  

While this may seem rather elaborate, the process can be quite efficient.  Typically, the portion which takes the most time is completing the appointment packet itself. Click here for a process chart estimating the time this takes.  Feel free to have your department contact Wilson Hardcastle who can shepherd the process if they would like.  

Congratulations, and welcome to UCSF!

The Mortgage Origination Program is a pre-approval process, and it is  important that you have a signed pre-approval in hand before placing any offers if you would like to utilize university finaincing.  


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