Academic Demographic System (ADS) Discontinued

Directions for Service Centers

To close a search by identifying the candidate of choice from ADS (Option 1):

  1. Complete the Search Process Report in ADS and submit to OVPAA by November 30th.

To re-open a search via AP Recruit (Option 2):

  1. Identify the existing recruitment that you wish to re-open in AP Recruit by search number. To find an ADS open searches list by service center, click here to open the Excel file Open Searches in ADS as of November 19, 2014.xls. Note: This file was last updated on November 19, 2014, so if you have recently closed a search on this list it may still show as open. You can also find open searches by looking in ADS directly.
  2. Go to ADS and print or save a copy of all the applicants’ names and contact information for each search you need to re-open in AP Recruit.
  3. Locate and save a copy of the original Academic Recruitment Plan (ARP) on the HR Shared Drive in the "Academic Resources" folder, in the folder named "ARPs & SPRs (through 7-1-13)".
  4. Create a new Academic Recruitment Plan (ARP) based on the information from the existing search and obtain departmental approval. Please keep in mind that the new ARP form has additional fields for AP Recruit that need to be addressed with the department before submission. FOR SOM ONLY: FRPO approval will NOT be required for searches relisted from former ADS searches.
  5. Attach the original ARP to the new ARP, and submit both to VPAA
  6. Once the new ARP is approved, provide your departments with the new AP recruit link and the applicant contact information that you obtained from ADS, so that they may encourage all applicants to re-apply via AP Recruit. If the department wants to manually upload applications for their applicants, please ask them to contact the VPAA specialist named in the ARP approval email for instructions.

Please note if none of the actions above are taken, all searches will be formally closed without a final applicant selected when ADS is retired on November 30, 2014.








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