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The current list of proposed modifications to the Academic Personnel Manual (APM) under review is updated and presented on the UCOP Academic Affairs website.

UCSF academic personnel policies under review will be posted here during their open comment period. Historical updates to Academic Personnel policies are presented by topic and by year in the Annual Call.

General and notable UC and UCSF policies petaining to Academic Personnel are presented on the policies page.


  Annual Call  

The Annual Call for Academic Personnel Actions and Academic Appraisal is a document, issued annually, which presents the deadlines by which academic personnel actions and appraisals must be submitted, along with helpful information about the contents of dossiers for academic actions, and relevant policies and information. The Call is useful to deans, associate deans for academic affairs, academic affairs managers and department personnel.

The Annual Call Page

New information and policies released since the issuance of the 2013 Annual Call are posted to the main Annual Call page. At the begining of each annual cycle, these items will comprise the next Annual Call and will be moved to the next year's Annual Call page.

The current Call is the 2013 Annual Call for Personnel Actions.

An historical index of topics presented in the Annual Call from 2003-2013 is available here.