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Faculty Leadership Collaborative

The UCSF Campus Council on Faculty Life (CCFL) is pleased to announce the 2015 UCSF Faculty Leadership Collaborative, which offers leadership training for faculty members. The training will again be conducted by the Coro Center for Civic Leadership, a nationally-known leadership training organization.  The aim is to catalyze individual and collective change to benefit the broader UCSF community. The program is designed for a maximum of sixteen participants. 

Fall 2015 Program

In the program, leadership development occurs in the context of a community-oriented, self-governed learning group.  Participants will have opportunities to increase their knowledge, awareness, and connections to the UCSF community.  Coro’s unique curriculum incorporates individual and group experiential learning within a context of engagement with the broader community.  Coro facilitators serve as coaches and guides in the leadership development process.  Participants will be introduced to Coro tools and will apply them to real life challenges within the UCSF community.  Competencies to be explored and developed include:

      • Critical inquiry in the UCSF community context
      • Working with different group decision-making models
      • Planning for and creating community change
      • Activating team performance
      • Communication: active listening/effective speaking

Through interactive seminars, participants can expect to:

      • Leverage understanding to improve governance and affect decision-making;
      • Develop the confidence to take more risks with creative leadership;
      • Create a support network and collaborationswith other emerging leaders in the UCSF community.

Coro training emphasizes culturally competent, collaborative and results-oriented leadership skills based on the conviction that individuals, provided with a broad array of tools, methodologies and experiences, create systemic change.  This process begins when individuals change their own behaviors as a result of their Faculty Collaborative experience.  Many UCSF faculty participants have reported that as a result of their participation in the Collaborative, they met and formed relationships with colleagues whom they would never have otherwise met, learned skills which they could immediately apply in their work life, and gained greater wisdom in their own leadership abilities.  Comments from graduates of past programs have been very enthusiastic.

Past ParticipantsSelected Quotes from Program Evaluations

Time Commitment

The success of the Leadership Collaborative depends upon each participant’s commitment to the program’s entire schedule.  The full program consists of 10 sessions, totaling approximately 75 program hours.  Approximately 2 hours per session outside of the bi-weekly sessions will be necessary for individual projects and seminar preparation.  100% participation is required.  Please note that any absence that is not due to a family emergency/medical situation will require terminating a person’s participation in the program.  Participants are required to sign a declaration of commitment to participate at the end of the Application.

Who Should Apply?

The Leadership Collaborative seeks self-motivated individuals committed to ethical, effective leadership through proactive involvement.  Participants will be carefully selected to represent a diverse microcosm of the UCSF community in terms of professional status, experience, departments, disciplines, academic series and rank.  Only salaried faculty appointed at greater than 50% effort and who have been in a faculty position for more than 4 years are eligible to participate. 
Selection criteria include:

      • Strong personal initiative and motivation
      • Ability to work well within a diverse group
      • Desire to significantly contribute to the UCSF community
      • Intellectual curiosity
      • Evidence of leadership experience or potential, and meaningful involvement in the professional community

Program Schedules
The 2015 program schedule is shown below.  Sessions will be conducted at Parnassus or Laurel Heights.  Specific session locations will be provided later.


Wednesday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm except as noted

SESSION 1: Wednesday, August 12, 8:00am-5:00pm

SESSION   6:  Wednesday, October 28

SESSION 2: Wednesday, August 26

SESSION   7:  Wednesday, November 4

SESSION 3: Wednesday, September 9

SESSION   8:  Wednesday, November 18

SESSION 4: Wednesday, September 30

SESSION   9:  Wednesday, December 2

SESSION 5: Wednesday, October 14

SESSION 10:  Wednesday, December 16

GRADUATION*: Thursday, December 17,


*This is also considered a mandatory session.


Application Information/Deadline

Applications for the 2015 program are available here, and are due no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday May 8, 2015. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.  For information about the application process, see the Application Information and Instructions.  For other questions or more information, please contact the Office of the Vice Provost, Academic Affairs:

Irené Merry
Program Coordinator
Irené Merry 
Box 0652, 3333 California Street, Suite 102
San Francisco, CA   94118
Phone: (415) 502-0244; Fax: (415) 476-5989 


Waiver Form

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