Faculty Mentoring Program

Who Mentored You?

Sally Marshall, PhD

Thank you for being my mentor! Twenty years ago, long before the importance of mentorship was formally recognized in academia, Dr. Sally Marshall was offering the best of mentorship! I was one of the lucky junior faculty to tremendously benefit from her wise and unselfish guidance. To me, she was not only offering the much needed advice on how to succeed academically, but was also there for the moral and psychological support which I so much needed for succeeding in my academic career as a single mother. In her busy academic life and schedule, Dr. Sally Marshall has always found time to talk, advise and encourage, and this continues to this day! She offered all this not because she needed to list this activity in her CV (which was impressive anyway!), but unselfishly, because she truly believed how important this is for human academic life! She recognized and promoted the importance of mentorship long before it was listed as a tool in the faculty handbook! Therefore, she deserves the highest recognition for this endeavor!

Submitted by Octavia Plesh, DDS, MS, Professor, Department of Preventive and Restorative Dental Science on behalf of Sally Marshall, PhD, Vice Provost, Office of Academic Affairs


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