Faculty Mentoring Program

Who Mentored You?

Lisa Bero, PhD

My first mentor at UCSF was Lisa Bero in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy, and I continue to work with her today. Lisa provided me with both research and personal support while I was a postdoctoral fellow, but probably most importantly, helped me write my first grant, which was responsible for my promotion to an assistant professor appointment at UCSF. Her insistence that I should have at least three articles under review at all times (at least some of them co-authored with her, fortunately) has also made me dramatically more productive as a scholar. She’s been an outstanding mentor and I feel extremely fortunate to have her support.

Submitted by Dorie Apollonio, PhD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, Department of Clinical Pharmacy on behalf of Lisa Bero, PhD, Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy


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