Faculty Mentoring Program

Who Mentored You?

Linda Chafetz, RN, DNS

I first met Dr. Linda Chafetz when I was a newly hired psychiatric staff nurse at San Francisco General Hospital and Linda was providing clinical mentorship in the Psychiatric Emergency Service there. Observing Linda's compassionate approach and skillful interaction with a difficult and demanding patient made a deep impression on how I thought about working with acutely ill patients. This brief interaction showed me how powerfully a respectful approach increases one's clinical effectiveness. Linda subsequently provided me with a role model in the academic arena while I was in the UCSF master's program in psychiatric nursing, and during my doctoral study. Linda's empathy and respect for the struggles of those living with severe mental illness inspired me to approach the subjects in my dissertation research as experts in challenging and often triumphing over huge obstacles. Linda continued to provide support and mentorship as a teaching assistant and then a faculty member in the School of Nursing. Throughout this period, she has continued to open up new opportunities for me and to provide me with the encouragement I needed to believe I could succeed. Seeing Linda's ability to identify people's strengths and nudge them into situations where they can develop their capability has helped me to understand the heart of being a mentor.

Submitted by Beth Phoenix, RN, PhD, CNS, Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Community Health Systems on behalf of Linda Chafetz, RN, DNS, Professor, Department of Community Health Systems


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