Advance Webinar Recordings 


To access these recordings, you will have to log into WebEx using your network credentials. If you do not have admin rights to your computer, you will have to have your desktop support person add the WebEx app to your computer.

My CV Webinar (50 minutes)
     • Importing
     • My CV Features
     • Editing
     • Exporting
     • Copy into an Academic Review Packet

Custom CV (30 minutes)
     • Create a Custom CV
     • Customize the CV
     • Add or delete My CV sections
     • General Information section
     • Other sections
     • Custom Sections
     • Export the CV

NIH Biosketch (30 minutes)
     • Create a Biosketch
     • Choose a format
     • Pick My CV data to include
     • Copy a Biosketch
     • Export

Advance CV changes 2016 (30 minutes)
     • What you'll see first
     • Editing
     • Changes to the CV Format
     • Packet CV Review Tools