The items listed below are PowerPoint presentations designed to give you information about how Advance works. Those documents which display a time contain narration. After downloading these files, press F5 to begin the presentation. For those documents which do not include narration, you can download the files and flip through the slides at your own pace to learn more about that facet of Advance.

  • General Overview of the Advance Application (5 min., 30 sec.)
  • APA Introduction to Advance (9 min., 15 sec.)
  • The Eligibility List (5 min., 30 sec.)
  • Creating and Managing Packets (6 min., 30 sec.)
  • The Reference Process (14 min.)
  • Reviewing Packets
  • The Routing Process (3 min., 45 sec.)
  • Packet Decision and Status (7 min.)
  • Appointments (8 min., 30 sec.)
  • Academic Leave
  • Advance and the Electronic Packet, Campus Presentation, April 5, 2011 (Powerpoint)
  • The Electronic Packet and the On-Line Review Process (Powerpoint)
  • The Electronic Packet After Departmental Review, June 2011 (Powerpoint)