Academic Review

Periodic review of academic accomplishments is required by University policy (APM -  210220, and 160) for all academic appointees. Advance was developed to facilitate the academic review process by generating an Eligibility List, standardizing the process of requesting Reference Letters, and streamlining the Routing, Review, and Approval process. The Advance CV - a key element of the academic review packet - uses a structured format developed by the Academic Senate in 2003 to make it easier for reviewers to find the information to support the academic review.

The Academic Generalist

  1. Runs the Eligibility List in Advance and reviews the list with the department Chair
    • The list may be modified at the request of the Chair
      • some candidates who are eligible may opt for deceleration
      • some who are not yet eligible may be put forward for acceleration
  2. Creates packets according to the modified Eligibility List
  3. Notifies the candidate using the Initial Notification feature in Advance. This process:
    • Sends a standard email to the candidate with details about what needs to be included in the packet
    • Sets a 42-day clock after which, if the CV has not been copied to the new packet, the packet will be automatically withdrawn from the review process
      • The candidate must wait until the next review cycle, or has to make a special request through the Chair to the Dean to be included in the current academic review cycle
  4. Works with the candidate to compile the required elements of the packet
    • The Dossier Checklists detail the required elements for the academic review packet for each Series (Adjunct, Clinical X, etc.) and for each academic action (Appointment, Merit, Promotion, etc.)

The Candidate for academic review

  1. Updates their CV in Advance and copies it into the packet
    • Copying the CV into the packet stops the 42-day clock
  2. Adds Reference information to the packet's Referee List page
    • Teaching/Mentoring referees are students, trainees, or mentees who can give an assessment of the candidate's teaching and mentoring work. Instructions for providing referee information are here.
    • Intramural and extramural referees are individuals who can speak to the candidate's professional work; they must be at the equivalent of the candidate's proposed rank or higher. Intramural means from UCSF; extramural means from any other institution or hospital, including from other UC campuses. Instructions for providing referee information are here.


  • Getting Started
  • How to Create an Eligibility List
  • Candidate Management Search
  • When is "My CV" Required in Advance?
  • The Packet

  • Packet Routing and Tracking Quick Start Guide
  • Packet Routing and Tracking User Guide
  • How To Create Appointment Packets

  • New Hires (ACADAP process)
  • Re-Hires
  • From a Staff Title (or Postdoc) to an Academic Title
  • References

  • The Reference Process (14 min.)
  • References Quick Start Guide
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