Call for Nominations: UCSF Presidential Chair 2014-2015

Deadline for Nominations is February 19, 2014

UCSF faculty are invited to submit nominations for the 2014-2015 UCSF Presidential Chair. The goals of the Presidential Chair are to encourage new or interdisciplinary program development or to enhance the quality of existing academic programs.  To meet these goals, UCSF will allocate Presidential Chair funding of up to $150,000.00, based on expenses incurred, to support the appointment of a distinguished visiting professor for up to one year.  The nomination packet should include the nominee’s CV and a description of the purpose of the proposed appointment as well as the individual’s intended activities at UCSF. The proposed budget should provide a detailed outline that describes how the funds will be used. The Dean should provide a letter of support and concurrence.

Although the working title will be Presidential Chair, the individual will be appointed as a Visiting Professor (Title Code 1118).  The appointment will be governed by APM 230 and the department(s) will be required to submit an appointment packet through Advance.  At the end of the funding period, a report that summarizes the Presidential Chair’s activities and an accounting of the funds expended must be submitted to the Office of the Vice Provost, Academic Affairs.

The campus deadline for nominations is February 19, 2014.  Nominations will be reviewed by an ad hoc Committee appointed by the Vice Provost, Academic Affairs. The nomination packets will be reviewed on the basis of the nominee’s qualifications, the proposed activities, the budget, and the potential for new program development or significant enhancement of existing programs.

Printable PDF: Call for Nominations
APM 265 — Presidential Chairs
APM 230 — Visiting Professors
UCSF Guidelines (PDF)

Application Packet Components:  
Application packets must include all of the components identified below.

  1. Completed nomination form (PDF or MS Word).
  2. A copy of the nominee’s CV.
  3. A summary of the purpose of the proposed appointment and of the scholar’s intended activities while at UCSF.
  4. A proposed budget outlining in detail how the funds will be used.
  5. Letter of support and concurrence from the Dean of the relevant School.

Deadline: February 19, 2014 at 5 p.m. without exceptions.
Format: Please submit packet (with this cover page) as a single PDF file.

Submit via email to:  Brian Alldredge, Vice Provost-Academic Affairs c/o Abby Draper.


Questions may be referred to Abby Draper at 514-0421;

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