The Annual Call Page

The Annual Call document provides important updates and information on academic policies and processes. To provide the campus with more timely information on policy changes impacting academics, this webpage has been added to the Academic Affairs website. UC and campus policies that would normally appear in the Annual Call will be posted on the webpage throughout the year as they are implemented. At the end of each academic year, a summary of all of the postings from the preceding year will be sent via the regular communication channels for the Annual Call, and a new Annual Call webpage will be started for the subsequent academic year. This change is intended to provide the campus with more relevant and timely information and to reflect the changing landscape of electronic notifications.

The 2015 Annual Call was issued May 29, 2015 and is posted on the Annual Call 2015 page. New releases of Information and policy changes subsequent to the issuance of the 2015 Annual Call are posted here, and will ultimately comprise the 2016 Annual Call.



New Releases:

Specialist Series: New Steps Available

The UC Office of the President (UCOP) has released an updated Specialist Fiscal Year (FY) Salary Scale, effective 07/01/17 which:

  • expands the steps available at the full rank in the Specialist series from five to nine steps
  • provides on-scale salary rates for specialists appointed at these steps

All UCSF appointees who are Specialist Step 5 and Specialist Above Scale have been evaluated and a preliminary determination has been made regarding their placement onto the new steps. A list of names, instructions and guidelines will be disseminated shortly to HR – Academic Shared Services. Departments will then be notified if they have appointees in the specialist series who are impacted by these changes.

For new appointees and recruitments currently underway, Departments will now have expanded options for step placement and associated salaries to meet the increased market demands for specialists with the most advanced research expertise.

Questions regarding the changes to the Specialist series may be directed to Emerald Light,, in the Office of Academic Affairs.

Resources for Implementation of New Specialist Steps

Posted January 1, 2018

UCSF Policy Changes for Specialists (APM 330)
In response to the system-wide issuance of a revised APM 330 - Specialist series, and after convening a joint administration-faculty task force to advise on implementation, UCSF will institute the following policy changes related to the specialist series for academic actions with effective dates of July 1, 2018 or later:

1. Minimum Degree or Years of Experience Qualifications Requirements

Promotions and Merits to “Above Scale”
All promotions, and merits to “above scale,” will be subject to the following qualifications requirements:

Minimum Degree or Years of Experience Qualifications Requirements by Rank (APM 330)


Baccalaureate (or equivalent degree),
or equivalent research experience


Master’s degree (or equivalent degree),
or 5 years relevant research experience


Master’s degree (or equivalent degree),
or 5 to 10 years relevant research experience


PhD, or 10 years relevant research experience


Merits - Grandfathering 
On-time merit actions (except to “above-scale”) for specialists with initial appointments prior to July 1, 2015 are NOT subject to the new qualifications requirements above. Thus, in these circumstances, specialists need not meet the new qualifications above to be eligible for merit advancement.

Please note appointments to the specialist series have been subject to all provisions of APM 330 (including those above) since July 1, 2015. 

2.   University and Public Service Requirements
University and Public Service expectations for Specialists at UCSF will be as follows:






Greater than Minimal


Demonstrated record


Consistent Record

For the full citation of qualifications requirements by rank and a list of service examples see our resources page.  Each School will have the ability to provide additional information on ways in which the above requirements can be met.

3.   Other

  • As has been the case in the past, off-scale salaries are prohibited with the exception of U.S. Department of Labor H-1B prevailing wage requirements.
  • UCSF will continue to limit without salary appointments (WOS) to foreign visa holders

Click here for a PDF of this memo.       Posted December 6, 2016


Changes to the UC Home Loan Programs:
Increased Mortgage Origination Program (MOP) Loan Limit:
For appointments effective September 1, 2016 or later, the maximum loan amount allowanble under the Mortgage Origination program is $1.5 million. For more informaiton visit the home loan program resources page at

Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program (FRAP) Repayment Provision
The campus FRAP Repayment Policy (see here or has been submitted to the formal directory, and the threshold for the repayment provisions has been raised to FRAP payments more than $50,000.FRAP payments of $50,000 or less are no longer subjext to the repayment provision.

New Centrally-Funded Supplemental Home Loan Program (CF-SHLP)
Each of the four schools will be allocated $125,000 for use under the Centrally-Funded Supplemental Home Loan Program (CF-SHLP). The dean’s offices may begin requesting participation in the CF-SHLP program immediately for appointments/retentions effective September 1, 2016 or later. See here or

Posted August 8, 2016

Approval Authority for Appointments at the Assistant Professor Rank
Effective August 1, 2016, review by the Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP) will no longer be required for any faculty appointments to the Assistant rank. The final decision for all proposed appointments to the Assistant rank is now delegated to the Vice/Associate Deans for Academic Affairs in the four Schools (excluding appointment packets already under review by CAP and/or VPAA.). Please note that this change does not preclude the Vice/Associate Dean from requesting full CAP review in exceptional circumstances. Changes in Series to steps 3 and above in the Assistant rank will still require CAP review.

This marks a change in a longstanding policy wherein only proposed appointments to steps 1 and 2 of the Assistant rank were delegated to the Vice/Associate Deans for Academic Affairs, while appointments to higher steps required CAP review. This change is being made, after consultation with the Vice/Associate Deans and CAP, to further streamline the appointment review process. The updated approval authority matrix is available on the Academic Affairs website here.

Posted August 1, 2016

2016-17 Faculty Recruitment – UCRP Benefits
President Napolitano appointed a system-wide task force of UC faculty, staff and administrators to help develop a new set of retirement benefits options for UC to offer future employees hired on or after July 1, 2016. The task force has concluded its work and presented President Napolitano with its recommendations. The task force’s report is now being shared broadly within the UC community, and it also is being sent to the Academic Senate for formal review consistent with UC’s principles of shared governance.

A memo outlining the impact of this report on UCSF 2016-17 faculty recruitment was issued by VPAA Brian Alldredge on January 19, 2016, and included the subsequent necessary Addendum to Offer Letters.

January 16, 2016 Memo from the VPAA (PDF)
Addendum to Offer Letter (MS Word)
Addendum to Offer Letter (PDF)

Posted February 16, 2016

FRAP Program Limit Update (effective 07/01/15)
The Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program (FRAP) maximum listed in Table 40 on the UCOP website was increased from $62,700 to $64,700 effective July 1, 2015. Campus guidelines to the Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program are online here and can be shared using the link

It is possible to request an exception for up to $100,000 under the Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program. Instructions for requesting exceptions can be found here (tiny link: Questions about FRAP should be directed to Wilson Hardcastle, the Academic Home Loan Coordinator, at or 476-2016.

Posted September 8, 2015