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Title Codes & Salary Scales

This page offers information about current and past salary scales and title codes, as well as information to help with calculations relating to the Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP). This information is useful to faculty interested in salary scales or the HSCP.

2014 Salary Scales and Compensation Worksheets:

NEW: Updated for New NIH Salary Cap effective February 1, 2015

Health Sciences Compensation Plan Salary Calculation Worksheet Effective February 1, 2015
This has been updated to include the NIH salary cap effective February 1, 2015.

For Academics who remain ineligible for the July 1, 2014 salary scale increase, use this worksheet using the "minimum" scales. This represents very few cases; if you need guidance please consult with your manager. The new 2015 list of "Ineligible" faculty will be distributed as necessary when the 2015 salary scales are announced by UCOP. Questions regarding the Faculty Salary Calculation Worksheet can be directed to Academic Manager Phillip Babcock at

If you experience difficulty, try using a browser other than Internet Explorer. For best results, right click on these links to save these files and open the Excel worksheets locally.

Current Title Codes & Salary Scales:

Historical Announcements:      

Campus Instructions Regarding 2013 Salary Program for Academics

UCOP Salary Scales, July 1, 2013 Opens website in new browser windowand UCSF Salary Scales on a single Excel sheet. (July 1, 2013; Adjusted)

2011-2012 Salary Program for Faculty and Non-Faculty Academics:

Historical Scales & Calculations:

In October 2011, UCOP instituted a merit range (M-Range) salary increase. Not all academics were eligible to benefit from the range adjustment, which resulted in two salary scales: "Minimum" and "Adjusted," and two HSCP Salary Calculation Worksheets: one for those "Eligible" for the M-Range adjustment and one for those "Ineligible."

  • HSCP Salary Calculation Worksheet Effective 07/01/1-02/01/15.
    This worksheet was revised for new UC Salary Scales, Chart of Accounts and the new NIH Salary cap. Updated and corrected: 04/23/14 (includes 04/22/14 correction to scales from UCOP).
  • HSCP Salary Calculation Worksheet Effective 02/01/14-07/01/14.
    This worksheet was updated for Chart of Accounts (COA) and the new NIH salary cap, but does not include the salary scale increases effective 07/01/14. Use this worksheet for the 2011 merit ineligible faculty.
  • HSCP Salary Calculation Worksheet Effective 07/01/13 - 02/01/14.
    July 2013 forward worksheet revised for Chart of Accounts. The worksheet for merit-eligible faculty 07/01/13 to 02/01/14. The worksheet for merit-ineligible faculty as of 07/01/13.
  • HSCP Salary Calculation Worksheet Effective 07/01/12 - 07/01/13.
    This worksheet includes the July 2012 CIRM salary cap and applies to faculty eligible for the October 2011 Merit/range Adjustment. RIGHT CLICK here to download the Excel workbook as .xlsx (updated 09/14/12). If you experience a problem (such as a .zip prompt) you can download the .xls version. For the 2011 M-Range ineligible faculty, use this version of the worksheet: as an .xls or .xls.
  • Legacy HSCP Salary Calculation Worksheets, for calculations prior to July 1, 2012:
    For Faculty Eligible for the October 2011 Merit Range Adjustment
    HSCP Calculation Worksheet for the period12/23/2011 to 06/30/12 as .xlsx or .xls
    HSCP Calculation Worksheet for the period 10/01/2011 to 12/22/11 as .xlxs or .xls
    For other legacy worksheets or for faculty ineligible for the Oct 2011 Merit/Range Adjustment, please contact Wilson Hardcastle.

HSCP Salary Scales and HSCP Calculation Worksheets:

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