Salary Information


UCOP 2017-2018 Salary Program for Academics PDF
(UCOP site link coming soon)

Announcement from the VPAA , May 18, 2017 PDF

Letter from President Napolitano, May 1, 2017 PDF

 Resources for Administrators 

HSCP Salary Calculation Worksheet Effective July 1, 2016 with new NIH cap 02-01-17 Excel spreadsheet document

UCSF Instructions for the 2015-16 Academic Salary ProgramPDF

The 2016 Salary Scales on a single Excel sheet   Excel spreadsheet document

HSCP Salary Calculation Worksheet Effective July 1, 2015 as of February 7, 2016  Excel spreadsheet document
Includes the new 07/01/15 salary scales and includes the NIH salary cap effective 02/01/16.

UCOP Salary Scales, July 1, 2016 Opens website in new browser window

UCOP Salary Scales, July 1, 2015 Opens website in new browser window

UCSF Title Codes PDF (Title Codes used at UCSF)

UCOP Title Code Index PDF

HS Faculty Title Code Mapping Excel spreadsheet document

UCSF Professional Research Salary Scales, July 2013 PDF
For those ineligible for the October 2011 Merit Range Adjustment, use the "Minimum" Scale. All others use the "Adjusted" Scale.

UC Postdoctoral Salary Scales Effective February 2012 PDF
Postdoctoral Scholar – Employee; Postdoctoral Scholar – Fellow; and Postdoctoral Scholar – Paid Direct, effective February 1, 2012.

The ABCs of XYZ: Comp Plans, Titles, and Advancement for Academics PDF (PPT slides)

Historical Announcements Regarding Salary Programs

Legacy List of Salary Scales and HSCP Worksheets

For the very few academics who remain ineligible for the salary scale increases, please seek guidance and the appropriate worksheet from Academic Manager Phillip Babcock at

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